Book Reviews

“In the tsunami of media and messages chasing us from our smartphones, laptops, and televisions, it’s easy to give up the notion that our own voice can ever be heard—or even matters. Denise is a brilliant marketer and brand strategist, and her book shows us not only how to stand out in a crowd, but how to tower above it. Like its author, Forty Dollars and a Brand is intelligent, accessible, fun, unpredictable, high impact, and global.”

- Ron Stodghill

Award- winning business journalist and author

“The personal triumphs and professional accomplishments of my longtime and dear friend, Denise Kaigler, are well known and greatly admired. In Forty Dollars and a Brand, Denise has applied her mantra of self-examination, hard work, optimism, and professionalism into winning combinations. This book is a perfect vehicle for self-improvement and potential realization.”

- Fletcher “Flash” Wiley

Boston attorney, businessman and essayist

“Forty Dollars and a Brand is an intensely personal account of what can happen when one looks in the mirror and sees who she has the potential to be and the impact she has the power to make on others. A must-read for those who are serious about learning how to communicate who they are, what they do, and why it should matter to others.”

- Tenley-Ann Hawkins

Public Relations Consultant

“Denise Kaigler lays her soul bare as she reveals the complexities of discovering her personal brand. Forty Dollars and a Brand is deeply inspirational and a top pick for those who aspire to develop and market their personal brand in ways that help them reach their goals and live their dreams.”

- Bryony Bouyer

Senior Vice President, Hasbro