Do You Have a 'Forty Dollars' Story?

Many of us can recount a ‘Forty Dollars’ experience (or defining moment) that changed, enhanced or maybe even saved our life. Sharing this moment could inspire, encourage or help others. If you have ‘Forty Dollars’ story, please share it below.

An Excerpt from the Author’s 'Forty Dollars’ Story

I hadn’t eaten a meal in two days. And I didn’t expect any money for another week. Fear engulfed me. How was I going to survive the next seven days with no food and no one to ask for help?

My apartment buzzer sounded. It was Sammy, a friend’s uncle. I hit the button to let him in. Sammy entered my apartment and handed $40 to me and offered to take me to the grocery store. I began to cry. I hugged Sammy like my life depended on it. In a sense, it did. Sammy was making an investment in me and in my future. That modest $40 gift strengthened my resolve to overcome challenges and reinforced my desire to defy the odds and fulfill my dreams.

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