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The Business of Personal Branding

“Business of Personal Branding” blogs summarize real life experiences and stories that focus on the critical process of deliberately and purposefully building your brand. It’s about how you want to be perceived and understood by others and the work and life interactions that influence those perceptions. Personal branding is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have. It’s a serious business that has an impact on our professional and personal worlds and the impact we have on others. I unequivocally tip my hat to individuals who are enjoying widespread visibility as a result of a very high-profile, prosperous career. Many had no choice but to develop a personal brand in order to have their voice heard and, most importantly, respected. I count myself among this group. Your personal brand strengthens your voice and allows it to be heard by a broader audience. In these blogs, I share my real experiences in my day-to-day life and encourage you to do the same to help others just like you – like us.