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Documenting Life

I began writing Forty Dollars and a Brand while living in my home’s finished one bedroom basement after my husband and I began the process to divorce. Writing became my outlet, my diversion from reality. In addition to dealing with the emotions of divorce, I had been diagnosed with the flu. With the flu holding me captive in my house for 3 days, I began tapping on my computer keys, initially wanting to create an infographic for my MDK Brand Management workshops. Then that infographic needed a page of text to explain it. That one page led to five pages then fifty pages.

Despite chills and fever, I was on a roll. Like many of you, I’ve had a book inside my head for countless years. During one of my business trips to New York many years ago, I met with Vernon Jordan, the civil rights activist, attorney and former advisor to President Bill Clinton. Mr. Jordan gave me one of the most significant pieces of advice I’d ever received: Write everything down. His counsel to me that I document my most interesting experiences changed my life. From that moment on, I began writing a journal. I came home from trips and significant meetings and events and wrote about the experience. The first book I outlined utilizing those stories didn’t go very far. I just couldn’t – or didn’t – make the necessary commitment. Fast forward years later, I made the firm decision to write Forty Dollars and a Brand. I was able to grab several stories I’d written all those years ago. That made the process a little (just a little) easier. And now here I was, becoming an author. It took life’s realities to motivate me to write about the reality of life. You never know where the inspiration will originate. Do you have a book inside your head? What will it take to motivate you to finally put it on paper? I may post excerpts from your story on this website as it may help other budding authors.

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