A Brand Reflection

Writing Forty Dollars and a Brand was a wonderful, thought-provoking experience that compelled me to reflect on my professional and personal life. Recounting my journey was therapeutic on many levels. Some of it was painful, most of was enjoyable, and all of it was necessary. I didn’t realize how much I had, in fact, grown during my career, which meant I had a lot of growing up to do! When I asked a couple of friends, along with my attorney, to read the manuscript and give me their feedback, there was one common point: the book was soul-baring. They were surprised at how open I was in recounting some of my experiences. In my mind, it wasn’t so much about my being open, but about my being transparently credible. If readers are going to trust my brand-building tips, they’ll need to believe that my brand-building stories are authentic. Perhaps my stories will compel others to share theirs.

I’ve always felt a passion for writing and believe journaling is a healthy hobby. But writing a full-blown book was completely different. It required a near-daily commitment, even when I was too tired or simply didn’t feel like writing. When I finished the book, I felt more energized and empowered than I had in years. For the first time in a very long time, I exhaled. You know that feeling when you stretch your entire body, releasing pent up tension while letting out a loud, long and gratifying sigh? That’s how it felt when I typed the last word of my manuscript.

It’s normal to reflect on the emotional experience of your life’s journey. How are you reliving the experience in a way that allows you to exhale? Are you writing a journal, diary or book? Are you speaking to small or large groups? Are you mentoring young people, volunteering at a community center, or donating funds? I may post excerpts from your story on this website as it may help others who are on the same journey.

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